Watkins Glen  //  Rock n' Roll

Named after the biggest Rock concert of the 70s, Watkins Glen is an Oregon-based Rock n' Roll band that strives to create magical musical moments while paying tribute to the repertoires of 4 legendary bands: The Band, The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band and Little Feat. Band leader Gabe Johnson, also guitarist for popular Funk/Rock outfit Elektrapod has gathered some of the very best musicians from the Oregon music scene with the intention of creating one of the most authentic, inventive and compelling Rock n' Roll bands in the West. In just a very short time, Watkins Glen has developed a reputation for delivering great renditions of these bands’ classic songs, writing truly creative set lists and whipping audiences into frenzy with their scorching live jams.   

Watkins Glen personnel:   

Gabe Johnson (Elektrapod, El Dante, Soulwork, Jive Talkin' Robots)  
Guitars, Keys, Vox   

Kaleb Kelleher (Jive Coulis, The Mostest, Brent Alan & HFF, Hobbs The Band)   

Evan Read-Mullins (Elektrapod, Dennis McGregor Band)  
Keys, Vox   

Benji Nagel (Honey Don’t, Tumbleweed Peepshow)  
Dobro, Lap Steel, Guitars, Vox  

Kyle Swantek (Truck Stop Gravy, Wildwood Ave, Rising Tide)  
Bass, Vox  

Jarrod Donatelli (Elektrapod, The Mostest, El Dante) 
Percussion, Vox

Responsible Agent:
Gabe Johnson
Ph: 541-550-7260
E: gabe@inthepocketartists.com